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The Institute for Mathematical Sciences, founded in 1989, is closely allied to the Stony Brook Mathematics Department.  The Institutes's Director is Misha Lyubich; its Co-Director is John Milnor, a 1962 Fields Medalist, and the winner of the 1989 Wolf and 2011 Abel Prizes.  Dennis Sullivan, an Institute member, is a winner of the 2009 Wolf Prize.  The Institutes's primary research focus has been on Dynamical Systems with an emphasis on the low-dimensional real and complex cases.  With Oleg Viro recently joining the Institute, Low-Dimensional Topology has become another important direction of research at the IMS.
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Jack Milnor Congratulations to John Milnor
Winner of the 2011 Abel Prize
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*  John Milnor, Abel Lecture
​*  James Simons, My Life in Mathematics
*  Artur Avila, Fields Medalist

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