Moira Chas   Professor of Mathematics

Department  of Mathematics, Stony Brook University

 Office hours:

  • Tu 1-2:30pm  P-143 Math Tower
  • Th 1-2:30 3-119 Math Tower.
  • By appointment.

 Office:  3-119 in the Math Tower

 Phone:  (631) 632-8622 

 The best way to contact me is by email,
  moira.chas "at"

This semester I am teaching
MAT 517/MAE 330 Technology in Math Education
Math Club
Teaching Past

Publications and preprints

My Ph.D. Thesis

Summer Workshop in Geometry and Topology
Stony Brook Undergraduates, grad school and senior thesis (in construction).

Applet to compute minimal intersection of curves on a surface and the Goldman bracket (to be posted soon)
Applet to compute the minimal self-intersection and a minimal representative of a free homotopy class of curves on a surface (By Chris Arettines) Applet to compute the minimal intersection and self-intersection of curves on a surface.

FRG Workshop: "Mathematical 2D-field theory and the algebraic topology of closed manifolds"
August 2nd -6th Stony Brook